Structured Finance

RWM Holdings has a great reputation in the securitization sector and we grow our role by implementing game-changing technologies and methods. We don’t simply follow the trends – we make them.

We have as the primary focus the following:

  • On and off balance sheet equipment and plant finance lines
  • Financing company acquisition and growth
  • Debt restructuring
  • Project appraisals
  • Vendor finance programs
  • Buying and selling loan products in the secondary market
  • Hedging the risk related to currency and interest rate exposure

We are ready to deliver independent methods and approaches, tailored solutions that will meet your particular requirements. With a wealth of market experience in corporate transactions and structured finance, RWM Holdings is your number one partner in corporate solutions.

Our team will consider the optimum set of solutions to reach your targets while reducing the credit and price risk.

By partnering with us, you choose to expand and boost your company with structured finance options. We are the strategic associates of a list of reputable companies by providing them with the best-structured finance products and helping them to reach their highest capabilities.

The valuation process we conduct for our clients is extensive and touches collateral and structural performance data for every security involved, and also the present market and credit circumstances that have an impact on the quotations.

By performing a series of transactions, we help companies that need to raise capital to benefit from fund-managing investors in the best way possible.

Looking for a professional brokerage company?

We invite you to have a talk with our representative to draw up a plan of action. Tell us your story, and we will come with a list of suggestions to choose from.