Equity Underwriting

There is nothing more stressful for a company than to accumulate the necessary amount of capital in a given period. We can help your business attract investors and raise capital, which will allow your company to solve the wide list of issues and focus on priorities.

During recent years, the equity underwriting procedures become more and more in demand. We maintain the leading position among the investment banks that provide such services.

We have already gained underwriting mandates for several considerable stock offerings – a big contribution to our experience which is not only related to IPOs and other financial solutions.

We can help your small or medium-size company with the following:

  • Support with stock offerings in order to accumulate capital
  • Sale of issued shares in the secondary market
  • Issue convertible bonds with new stock warrants

Our experts in equity underwriting can easily deal with both origination, which refers to coming up with solutions and achieving the target, and syndication, which relates to arranging issuance conditions. This complete approach allows us to achieve great performance even during market uncertainties.

We also have a system of monitoring for underwriting, which is based on the in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations in the regional, national and international markets. Also, we do our best to determine the fair price that would be acceptable from the viewpoint of both companies and investors.

We apply the latest technological innovations and human resources to achieve the best results, which makes us confident in keeping our leading role.

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